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Cute & Cuddly Wildlife

All wildlife photographers like capturing images of lions or other large and charismatic animals. As we search for those opportunities we shouldn't pass up any chances that come our way for some of the smaller and cuter wild characters. I was reminded of this in Namibia recently after getting engaging shots of a scrub hare and a mouse (see below). I took the mouse photo at a waterhole where everyone else had their lenses trained on elephants and I was facing the other way shooting the mouse in a tree behind us. Sometimes the Aaawww! factor..... 

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Botswana Video Project

The moving image is not my usual stock in trade.  I have never had much interest in video in the past and wasn't particularly happy with the quality I got from my JVC Everio camcorder when I had it. The new generation of DSLR's though have some serious video capability built in. Even video amateurs like myself can be tempted to have a bash at some 'pro' level video and owning a Canon 5D Mk2 (which..... 

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Expecting The Unexpected

When in Africa it is good to expect the unexpected. Wildlife is unpredicatable at the best of times which makes photographing them something of a challenge. You can bump around in the safari vehicle for hours without seeing anything much. You can wait fruitlessly beside sleeping lions waiting for them to stir from their regal slumber and do.....

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Botswana Birding Experience - The Heronry.

During my trip to Botswana I experienced many different photography environments.  One of these was photographing water birds from boats in the legendary water channels and lakes of the Okavango Delta.  We visited a herony - a place where herons and other waterbirds come year after year to nest and raise young.  The main species present were Maribou storks, yellow-billed storks, cattle egrets and african ibis but there were also smaller and less common birds.  There were a lot of juveniles.....

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What Photography Gear To Take On An African Safari?

This a question every keen photographer asks and agonizes over before going to Africa for what could be a once-in-a-lifetime photographic opportunity.  Its certainly something I researched carefully before going and as with most things photography these days found plenty of helpful people on the internet with advice. Of course there are as many answers to this question as there are photographers so I would not presume to say that my choices will suit everyone's requirements or budget but for what it's.....

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Botswana: Egret Strike

ust an amusing series of pics showing an egret striking for a fish.  It missed unfortunately so I can't show you the catch!  Water birds are a common sight in the Okavango Delta particularly in the wetter summer months when water tends to flood larger area's of temporary swampland.

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