Wyadup Rocks: A lesson in light.

Recently I was reminded how the quality of light and the time of day affects the look and feel of landscape images. An identical location photographed on different days can obviously look different because of changing conditions but pure direction of light is equally important. All the photographs below were taken at Wyadup. Wyadup is not far from Dunsborough, Western Australia. There is an interesting and popular spot here where an eroded portion of a rock finger allows wave surges to burst through and create nice waterfalls into a narrow sea.....

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Locations - Dunsborough

The coastlines of the south west are spectacular - particularly around Dunsborough and Yallingup.  Sugarloaf Rock (probably my favourite coastal location) is in this area and I made time recently to pay it another visit.  While in the region I also did an evening shoot at the sheltered Shelley Cove.

Shelley Cove has nice rocky foregrounds, a small beach and shelter from the evening wind so it is an ideal location for an evening shoot. You might find yourself competing for space with fisherman though as it's a popular spot.....

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