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That Wanaka Tree

There are many landscape photography locations around the world that have achieved iconic status. Locations that because of their uniqueness or particular beauty, attract obsessed photographers like myself to them in droves. They have become places that you go to put a notch on your tripod or a tick on your bucket list. I've been to a few of these locations (Deadvlei in Namibia and Glacier Lake in Canada are two examples) and the experience has usually prompted a mix of emotions.

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Wreck Beach

I had an opportunity to visit the Great Ocean Road region of Victoria recently. I mainly wanted to re-visit a few locations and improve on the efforts of my previous visits. I had mixed results in this regard due to weather (something I will talk about in a future post). I did however, manage to visit a new location with some success...

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Wyadup Rocks: A lesson in light.

Recently I was reminded how the quality of light and the time of day affects the look and feel of landscape images. An identical location photographed on different days can obviously look different because of changing conditions but pure direction of light is equally important. All the photographs below were taken at Wyadup. Wyadup is not far from Dunsborough, Western Australia. There is an interesting and popular spot here where an eroded portion of a rock finger allows wave surges to burst through and create nice waterfalls into a narrow sea.....

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Dunes and Pinnacles

Nambung National Park is about two hours drive north of Perth - not far from the small coastal town of Cervantes. I recently made my second photography oriented trip to the region. It is host to the famous Pinnacles Desert with its unique rock formations but also to large stretches of pristine white sand dunes. Unlike the Pinnacles which are easily accessible by car and is set up for tourists, the dunes are a little harder to get to. You can see them from the highway as you drive past, drifting glacially over the scrubby vegetation like advancing fog-banks. All you have..... 

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