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Macphun Luminar 2018: Impressions and overview

Software is now an integral part of modern photography. Clicking the shutter button is only the first step in the image making process. Creative photographers will want to process that collected data using photography software before we can say the image is ‘made’. Adobe is the number one photography software provider (at least in the prosumer/professional market) and as such, is the target of a lot of praise and criticism for the way its software performs and the company operates.

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Wreck Beach

I had an opportunity to visit the Great Ocean Road region of Victoria recently. I mainly wanted to re-visit a few locations and improve on the efforts of my previous visits. I had mixed results in this regard due to weather (something I will talk about in a future post). I did however, manage to visit a new location with some success...

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Denmark Birdlife

It has been some time since I did some bird photography but I got a chance to dust the cobwebs off my 500mm Canon lens recently on a trip to the Denmark area of Western Australia. The small country town of Denmark is situated on Wilsons Inlet and is also close to the coastal strip. Birds can generally be found wherever there is water so Denmark and its....

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Namibia's Living Museum

I have always been an admirer of the San (commonly known as Bushmen). I had read about them in fiction and non-fiction on many occasions and it was clear they were one of the hardiest and most resourceful of indigenous peoples to be found anywhere. Pushed into marginal arid area's of Africa (places like the Kalahari desert) by more dominant and war-like Bantu peoples, the San had to survive where others could not. They were highly skilled hunters.....

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