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Namibia's Living Museum

I have always been an admirer of the San (commonly known as Bushmen). I had read about them in fiction and non-fiction on many occasions and it was clear they were one of the hardiest and most resourceful of indigenous peoples to be found anywhere. Pushed into marginal arid area's of Africa (places like the Kalahari desert) by more dominant and war-like Bantu peoples, the San had to survive where others could not. They were highly skilled hunters.....

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Okonjima Nature Reserve - Big Cat Haven

There are very few places in Africa where you will be guaranteed a wild leopard sighting. I have spoken to people who have made several trips and never seen one. I myself have been lucky to see and photograph quite a few leopard in Botswana, Kenya and Namibia but this is not necessarily the usual course of affairs. There is however, a place in Namibia where you can be very confident that you will be able to see and photograph leopard and cheetah. Okonjima is a unique game reserve located an easy 2-3 hours drive from Namibia's capital Windhoek. The.....

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Cute & Cuddly Wildlife

All wildlife photographers like capturing images of lions or other large and charismatic animals. As we search for those opportunities we shouldn't pass up any chances that come our way for some of the smaller and cuter wild characters. I was reminded of this in Namibia recently after getting engaging shots of a scrub hare and a mouse (see below). I took the mouse photo at a waterhole where everyone else had their lenses trained on elephants and I was facing the other way shooting the mouse in a tree behind us. Sometimes the Aaawww! factor..... 

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Namibia Trip Report: Chudop Waterhole Etosha

Having now recently completed my second trip to Namibia, I have visited quite a number of the waterholes that are to be found in Etosha National Park. One must understand the geography and ecology of Etosha to visualize the situation you will find yourself in when photographing wildlife in this part of Africa.  Etosha pan is a long dried-up expanse of crazed white clay.  Parts of it do see water at times but it has not been properly filled for thousands of years. This featureless, vegetation-less, water-less 'lake' makes up the majority of the area of Etosha National Park and apart from a few animals seeking refuge there at night (or oddly a rhino I saw way out on the horizon once) it has no.....

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Namibia's Etosha National Park

Situated in the northern part of Namibia, Etosha National Park is one of the iconic wildlife locations of southern Africa. At it's heart is the Etosha pan, a dry lake bed stretching to the horizon, which is virtually featureless (except for a few animals who seek refuge of a night because it doesn't provide any cover for predators).  Surrounding this there....

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