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Murchison Gorge - Natural window revisit

I often re-visit landscape photography locations. If you are a landscape photographer you will know the reasons, but every day at a location has different light with different sky and weather conditions so you can never really say that you have the definitive image of that location. On top of this a revisit gives you the opportunity to look for different compositions or visit nearby new scenes.

Apart from all the usual reasons I wanted to come back to Murchison Gorge and Kalbarri with my current landscape camera the Pentax 645z. This is a camera that makes you want to re-shoot every location you've ever been to! I made the trip in April which is a nice time to be coming here. My previous visit was in January and the heat is biblical at this time of year so I enjoyed being here when it was cooler!

The iconic landmark of the Kalbarri region is Natural Window on the Murchison River gorge in Kalbarri National Park, There are limited angles to shoot it from and some really poorly placed cliff danger warning signs but it does have the advantage of being able to be shot in both easterly and westerly directions which gives you good options whether shooting at sunset or sunrise. Like my first visit I very much enjoyed coming here.