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Namibia's Living Museum

I have always been an admirer of the San (commonly known as Bushmen). I had read about them in fiction and non-fiction on many occasions and it was clear they were one of the hardiest and most resourceful of indigenous peoples to be found anywhere. Pushed into marginal arid area's of Africa (places like the Kalahari desert) by more dominant and war-like Bantu peoples, the San had to survive where others could not. They were highly skilled hunters.....

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The Himba: a cultural experience

Namibia has interested me for many years - for at least as long as I have been obsessed with photography. It has extraordinary landscapes but also most of the well known large African wildlife species including the 'big five'. Of course like all African countries it has a rich and diverse cultural history and a mix of tribal groups, each with their.....

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The Masai: a cultural experience

The Masai are a proud people. Historically they have lived in what is now south western Kenya and northern Tanzania, regions that include the world famous Masai Mara and Serengeti ecosystems.  For centuries (around 400 years) they have lived in close quarters with the wildlife of these plains, raising their cattle and defending them from predators.  Many of the.....

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