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Cute & Cuddly Wildlife

All wildlife photographers like capturing images of lions or other large and charismatic animals. As we search for those opportunities we shouldn't pass up any chances that come our way for some of the smaller and cuter wild characters. I was reminded of this in Namibia recently after getting engaging shots of a scrub hare and a mouse (see below). I took the mouse photo at a waterhole where everyone else had their lenses trained on elephants and I was facing the other way shooting the mouse in a tree behind us. Sometimes the Aaawww! factor..... 

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Masai King

While in the Masai Mara, Kenya I got several opportunities to get photo's of a magnificent male lion in prime condition.  I thought I'd share a few more portrait style shots that I came across while reviewing my archives.  Enjoy!

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The Masai: a cultural experience

The Masai are a proud people. Historically they have lived in what is now south western Kenya and northern Tanzania, regions that include the world famous Masai Mara and Serengeti ecosystems.  For centuries (around 400 years) they have lived in close quarters with the wildlife of these plains, raising their cattle and defending them from predators.  Many of the.....

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Kenya Trip Report - Part One.

Hearing the words 'Tanzania' or 'The Serengeti' or 'The Masai Mara' or 'Ngorongoro Crater' has always conjured up images in my mind from the books I have read or the countless nature documentaries I've seen.  Sweeping plains, harsh sun, lions, wildebeest stampedes. Herds of zebra, elephants, Masai warriors, hyena's. Essentially east Africa is a photographers dream.....

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