Botswana Birding Experience - The Heronry.

During my trip to Botswana I experienced many different photography environments.  One of these was photographing water birds from boats in the legendary water channels and lakes of the Okavango Delta.  We visited a herony - a place where herons and other waterbirds come year after year to nest and raise young.  The main species present were Maribou storks, yellow-billed storks, cattle egrets and african ibis but there were also smaller and less common birds.  There were a lot of juveniles - particularly the grey coloured juvenile yellow-billed storks.

This location is accessible from Kwara camp run by Kwando Safaris.  There are a couple of boats permanently moored in the channels a short drive from the camp itself.  The boat trip out to the heronry is scenic, with lush undergrowth and reeds lining the banks of the channels.  Hippo's can also be found in the waterholes and small lakes amongst the watery maze that is the permanent Okavango channels.


The cool weather, the scenery, the photography, the camaraderie and the gin and tonics all made for a wonderful afternoon.  It goes to show Africa is not just about the 'big five'.  There are countless numbers of other species and locations waiting for those looking for something a little different.