Photographing African Wild Dogs

African wild dogs are an endangered species that have had their numbers hit hard mainly by habitat loss and conflict with farmers.  They are found in large structured social groups that hunt over large territories so can only survive in large protected area's of africa.  They are extremely successful hunters with one of if not the highest success rates of all africa's large predators. There are still thriving packs to be found in area's that are distant from human habitation such as the Botswana wildnerness and I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph two different packs in the Lagoon and Kwara concessions.

As far as photographing them goes they are a lot of fun.  Unlike lions (who can spend hours just lying in the shade sleeping), they are very active even when not hunting.  At any time the pack leaders can take off into the scrub after an impala and leave the photographer loaded four wheel drives bouncing wildly after them dodging badger holes.  You just have to grab hold of the side rails for dear life and make sure you don't drop any gear overboard!  Once they make a kill they bring back parts of it to the younger members of the pack to squabble over.

I feel fortunate to have been able to spend time with these amazing predators and get some great photo's.